How to Begin Networking: A Student’s Perspective

Figuring out how to begin networking is throwing me into a spiral of confusion.  I don’t know why, but it’s definitely a scary feeling trying to connect with someone you kind of know, but don’t have a super close connection with.  However frightening this may be, the time is now to start reaching out to all my family members who already have made a successful living for themselves in the work world.  I found these tips from the “Business Insider” quite helpful when starting to research the “How-To’s”.  Spider-Web-Networking-With-Job-Hunting But, of even more help was the article Mike published about how to start the process, it’s called “3 Networking Relationship Attributes That Maximize Your Effectiveness“.  Take a look, because it’s super helpful.

Are There Others Out There?

I hope that there are others out there in my shoes that have absolutely no idea of how to start opening up to others for help.  Networking to me is a spider web of confusion and lack of knowledge on my behalf.  Maybe you have some tips or insider information you could talk with me about?

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